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Related article: Acai [1,027], Resveratrol [791], Maqui [750 (400 juice)], Seabuckthorn [700], Mangosteen [576], Wolfberry/Goji [253], Aronia/Chokeberry [161]. Next is a comparison list of the most potent common berries/fruits: Black Raspberry [160], Elderberry [147], Blueberry (wild) [96], Cranberry [91], Currant-Black [80], Blackberry [53], Rulide 150mg Red Raspberry [49], Cherry [37], Cheap Rulide Strawberry [36], Rulide 150 Mg Currant-red [34], Fig [34], Gooseberry Buy Rulide [33], Grape (juice) [24], Pomegranate (juice) [23]. [Dr Jeff] -- Acai Berries [1,027 ORAC units per gram] From the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. Powerful antioxidant containing anthocyanins: highest ORAC rating of any fruit. Believed to help manage weight loss, and cholesterol. [Dr Jeff] Aronia/Chokeberries [161 ORAC units per gram] There are 3 different fruit colors -- red, black and purple -- each a different species of the genus "Aronia". The black fruit has the most dense pigments, and hence antioxidants. The purple fruit is believed to have been originated as a red-black hybrid. The various fruits have an "astringent" or bitter taste, and are not readily edible raw. They are more commonly consumed as a juice, tea, jam, etc. They are consumed solely for their high antioxidant content including anthocyanins (1480 mg per 100 g) and proanthocyanidins (664 mg per 100 g). Gooseberry (Indian Amla) [33 ORAC units per gram] Contains hydrolysable Rulide 300mg tannins. Improves blood flow, cholesterol levels, sugar levels, and boosts immune system. Powerful antioxidant. [Nature City] Amla, also known as the Indian Gooseberry, belongs to the Euphorbiaceae family. This tree, sacred in India for its richness in vitamin C and ellagic acid, is a well-known potent antioxidant. Three clinical studies Rulide 300 found that it raised levels of HDL cholesterol, and lowered triglyceride and CRP levels. [Dr Williams]